Available Clusters:

  • Jonathan @ Royal Holloway University, England, UK
    • Copacobana
    • Hard Drive space to store the tables... 2.2 TB model in mind...
  • Charles Wyble @ Known Element Enterprises / Socalwifi.net
    • Los Angeles CA, USA. (What access is preferred? I would like to offer over openvpn).
    • Specs: AMD64bit. 1gig ram dedicated to kvm vm. Adding an Nvidia card soon. What is preferred model?
    • Tools: What do people want?
    • I also have a bunch of wireless gear and will be setting up Asterisk/Trixbox? which hopefully can be useful. Maybe with OpenBTS?

The collected information on A5 cracking from the old Wiki has been restored here: DeCryption. Please add and restructure as needed.

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