Cyclops 是 0 到 1GHz 的频谱分析仪和跟踪发生器(Tracking Generator),它基本上基于 Scotty's Spectrum Analyser - SSA ,所不同的是第二中频 IF 是大概基于 MercuryQuickSilver 。将第二中频 IF 的频率移至 96 MHz 可以简化第一混频之后的滤波,这就是说在此可以使用介质滤波器(dielectric filter)而无需像 SSA 那样使用多级腔体滤波器(multi-stage cavity filter)。

敬请注意,该项目旨意是构建频谱分析仪而非宽带滤波器。抓取一些来自于 ADC 的采样而后将它们移植到 PC 上处理,而无需实时处理。

Cyclops 的原型设计已经启动!


73's Phil...VK6APH


Update: 25th July 2009

Schematic and artwork are final for the prototype PC board. Proto PC Boards have been ordered. Thanks to all who took the time to review and comment. --- Graham, KE9H.

Update: 11th July 2009

Download the information package below, consisting of block diagram, schematics, and top level parts placement for review and comment. A first prototype PCB has been laid out, and comments, discussion and improvements are being solicited, prior to fabrication. --- Graham, KE9H.

Media: Cyclops_Binder_090711b.pdf

Update: 25th January 2009

Cyclops Schematics: Original Schematics were posted, now superseded by the above information.

Update: 10th April 2008

SAW 96MHz second IF filters and 1.030GHz dielectric filters have arrived as have all the remaining parts. Presently writing the Verilog code to set up the LMX2326 PLLs and building a breadboard to test the design.

Update: 4 December 2007

Bill, KD5TFD, and I have successfully modified the necessary software, based on the the C# 'MercScope' and 'SharpDSP' by Phil N8VB, to disp:xlay a 48-51MHz chunk of spectrum from Mercury. This represents a working proof of concept as far as the IF is concerned.

Considerable feedback has indicated that basing the software design on C# and Windows based tools was not particularly popular. There was strong support for a cross platform approach. In which case further development will be undertaken using Java for the GUI (including OpenGL), C/C++ for the processing logic and dttSP for the signal processing. Tom, N4WBS, has agreed to be lead programmer and I am delighted to welcome him to the project.

I have also looked at using a higher 2nd IF, 96MHz rather than 50MHz. This will further relax the specification of the GHz first IF filter and the availability of high performance SAW filters at this frequency will provide sufficient 2nd IF image rejection. The performance of Mercury at this frequency (an alias response) is totally acceptable.


Al - N0TVJ - Good web site by S53MV with lots of relevant ideas
  • Selected 1.030GHz first IF filter - Toko 6DFC-1030C-10
  • Selected 96MHz second IF filter - RFM SF2135A www.rfm.com
  • VCOs are by Crystek.

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