FAQ: Driverless Car


Can I really learn how to build a self-driving car in this class? 
Yes! You will learn the basics of all the primary systems involved in programming a robotic car.

Why should I learn how to build a robot car? 
First of all, this is a fascinating subject. The technologies involved are cutting edge, but the theories behind them are simpler than you might think. In addition to learning the math and science behind these technologies, you will also improve your coding probabilities as you solve the same problems that scientists at places like Google, Stanford, and MIT have been working on for years. Having these skills will not only be personally fulfilling, but could have benefits to your professional life as well. Taking this course is the first step that you can take towards creating a world where every car on the road drives itself. If you love learning or just hate traffic, this course is for you.

What programming language does the course use? 
We will be using Python (Version 2.7). The concepts we cover in the class are not specific to Python, but apply to computer science in general no matter what programming language you are using.

What type of math will I be learning in this course? 
This course will teach basic probability and linear algebra. Feel free to browse these links and the lessons that follow them on Khan Academy if you need some review.

Is there a course textbook? 
There is no required textbook for the course, and the course content does not follow any textbook. There are many books available on probability, linear algebra, and Python programming that may be helpful to students.

Are there homework assignments? 
Yes, there are six homework assignments, one at the end of each unit. To learn anything, but especially a subject as diverse as programming a robotic car, it is necessary to solve progressively more challenging problems on your own, and the homeworks will give you an opportunity to use what you have learned and develop your programming skills. The homework assignments will be similar to the in-class quizzes and mostly cover material from that week's unit, except the homework assignments will include larger problems for you to solve on your own.

Is there a final exam? 
Yes. There will be an opportunity to do a final exam, roughly every 8 weeks. The dates will be announced.

How will my final grade be determined? 
Your final grade will be the determined by your score in exam. You can study at your own pace and take the next offered exam, when you are ready!

Do I need to download Python on my computer? 
You do not need to download Python to take the course, as we provide all the necessary tools right in your browser. If you prefer to experiment locally you can download Python.

How do I get help? 
We love to see an active academic community, so we encourage you to post your question to the forum. Hopefully one of your peers will provide an adequate answer, but if not one of our course managers will chime in.

I think one of the quizzes or homework assignments is judging my answer incorrectly, who do I contact? 
Post your solution to the forum with a tag "spoiler" and we will look into it.

What are office hours? 
In the first run of the class once a week we took some of the top questions from the forum and Sebastian and Andy answered them in a recorded video.

Something on the site isn't working, who do I contact? 
Fill out the Contact Us form found at the bottom of each Udacity webpage.

What are the rules on collaboration? 
Working with other students is often the best way to learn new things, and we hope students in the class will form vibrant communities, both on-line and in-person, to help each other learn. The key is to use collaboration as a way to enhance learning, not as a way of sharing answers without understanding them.

You are welcome (and encouraged) to view the lectures with others, and discuss and work together on answering the in-lecture quizzes. For the homeworks, you may discuss the questions with other students in the on-line forums and in-person study groups, but everything you submit should be your own work. For the final exam, you are not permitted to work with anyone else, and should only ask clarification questions on the on-line forums which will be answered by the course staff.