项目负责人 Rick, W2GPS 和 Steve, N7HPR.

正如规划的一样, GIBRALTAR 是一个 GPS-水准的时钟标准板它提供:

(1) 一个 10Mhz 的信号到 ATLAS 总线
(2) 一个精度 1PPS 的信号到 ATLAS 总线
(3) 一个采样信号到 MERCURY

Current Status

Design elements have been discussed on the HPSDR list. This block diagram represents an intial proposal. Each block is based on existing proven circuiry, assembled in a new way to meet the needs of the HPSDR project. Comments are encouraged.

Design Narrative

GIBRALTAR recognizes two other designs, some elements of which may be included in GIBRALTAR:

- the TAPR REFLOCK II [1] designed by Steve, N7HPR (REFLOCK II is based on the work of Luis, CT1DMK, [2])
- the commercial CNS Clock II designed by Rick, W2GPS [3]

GPS Receiver

GIBRALTAR may use one of two possible GPS receivers:

- the iLotus M12M [4]
- the Trimble Resolution-T [5]


The onboard OXCO may be one of two choices:

- Valpey Fisher VFT8HC18L5V-10.000 OXCO [6]. This oscillator operates on 5VDC at 130ma during warm-up and 25ma steady state.
- Crystek CO27VH15DE-12-10.000 OXCO [7]. This oscillator operates on 15VDC at 300ma during warm-up and 110ma steady state.

Both of these oscillators cost over $250 each in small quantities.

HPSDR 其它模块