HPSDR 项目描述

引言 - 它是什么?

HPSDR 是一个开源的(GNU 形式)硬件和软件的项目。它的目的是想成为无线电业余爱好者(俗称“火腿”- ham)和短波爱好者(SWLs)的“未来”- 软件定义的无线电。它是由一群狂热的软件定义无线电 SDR 爱好者,基于全球范围的有趣的实验的表述,来设计和开发发展的。



基于复杂的程度不同,模块包括小到简单的带通滤波器、输入/输出接口,大至一整套的 DSP 功用。如此繁杂也使得参与者可以确定自己的水平来对社区贡献。

至 此,基于容易辨认的目的每个模块在谈及或描写时都被命名。在本网站,每个模块都有其网页,在接近每页的顶部便是选择其页面的网页标签。其中一些模块已经被 设计出来,因此它们可以要么同其它设备相连要么单独使用。每块板的尺寸(除主背板)是 100 mm X (120~200) mm。它们使用一个型号为 DIN41612 的 96针或 64 针的连接器。


为了能够提供一整套的 SDR,还有一些需要开发的模块。

HPSDR 的成熟还有很长的路程。但对于业余无线电爱好者具有以动手(实验)著称的头脑的来说,黄金时代(软件定义的)无线电时代为时不远!


参阅 HPSDR  历史 可以了解更多 HPSDR 里程碑的事迹。


下面框图是 HPSDR 系统的核心部分的清单。

The following block diagram is a listing of the main parts of a HPSDR system. Note that the diagram is clickable and will take to webpages on the listed components. Also note that there is a bold black line coming in which is the common +13.8v DC power and the blue line indicates the connection to the computer.

Software Block Diagram

The second block diagram lists the software currently available as open source to operate the HPSDR hardware. The blue line indicates the connection to the hardware.

There are other programs that can work with HPSDR hardware. Some these include WinRad, WinRadHD, CWSkimmer to name a few.

Hermes block diagram

The following is a block diagram for the Hermes project. The Hermes project uses technology developed in the HPSDR boards but combines them in to two board that fit in a Euro style box. This radio might be for those that wish to go mobile with their SDR or do not wish to use the modular approach used in the development of the other boards. There has been some confusion in the that hardware is compatible and the same software works with these boards but the Hermes/Apollo boards are not design to use other HPSDR boards as they are developed in the future.

Some Glossary Definitions

Since this website and project is attracting interested persons who are not Radio Amateurs and hams who may not be familiar with some of the technical jargon, here are a few words about what some of the mysterious acronyms, etc. may stand for.

Radio Amateurs ("hams") -- persons around the world interested in radio communications and do so without monetary compensation (hence as in sports, the term "amateur" as opposed to "professional" in the sense of not receiving money for what they do). For more information on this hobby/service, start with www.hello-radio.org. In many cases on this website, we'll use the assigned "call letters" of the ham -- in most cases, more information can be found about this person by going to a search website such as http://qrz.com.

SDR - Software Defined Radio -- These are radios where most of the radio is defined in software code either in FPGA, or in a supporting computer.

DSP - Digital Signal Processing -- The processing of a digitized signal with computer algorithms

FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array -- These are large sets of gates in reconfigurable array. the chipc can be reprogramed by code.

Open source design

Brief definition of Open Source

In a "nutshell", open source is a term that is applied to a philosophy, in that the production and organization of a project or system is created through open and cooperative efforts.

Open source software refers to computer software available with its source code and under an "open source license" to study, change and improve its design and functionality.

There are many "Open source software" licenses, the most prominent being the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or simply GPL), originally written by Richard Stallman. The GPL grants the recipients of a computer program the following rights, or freedoms:

The freedom to run the program, for any purpose.
The freedom to study how the program works, and modify it.
The freedom to redistribute copies.
The freedom to improve the program, and release the improvements to the public.

The users are treated like co-developers, are encouraged to submit additions to the software, code fixes, bug reports, documentation etc. Having more co-developers increases the rate at which the software evolves. Furthermore, each end user's machine provides an additional testing environment. This new testing environment offers the ability to find and fix a new bug quickly.

[Note: this definition does not go into the various obligations and legalities and is intended to be brief and non-exhaustive. The original was supplied by Kevin, M0KHZ with a few words "Americanized" by the webmaster.]