Understanding USRP2 flow control

Posted by OE1RSA (Guest) on 2010-07-18 18:52

Dear All!

I am starting to learn my new USRP2 device. I bought a reasonable fast quad core PC and a recommended ethernet board.

I wanted to find out if I can get the interpolation 4 working in my environment. I just connect a sine oszillator to the usrp2 sink.

I am observing the signal on a connected scope.

Everything works fine for a while, but then suddenly the output becomes heavily distorted.

I can see from the resource watch of the system monitor that my PC putting out data at a sustained rate of more than 800 Mbits/sec.

I started to try to understand the code in gnuradio/usrp2/host/lib and expected some flow control when the usrp2 input buffers are nearly full . Unfortunately I was not able to understand how this is implemented.

Is there any flow control at all? If not, what is supposed to happen, if the PC is sending (slightly) too fast?

Appreciating any information on this subject,




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