Pandora Mechanical Drawings

Here are mechanical drawings showing the dimensions and hole placements for Pandora.

PANDORA Mark II UPDATE (13 May 2009)

Pandora is now finished and the production order has been placed with the manufacturer. The price will be $99 for TAPR members and $109 for non-members. Shipment will probably begin sometime in June. The TAPR web site is not ready to take orders yet; that will probably happen sometime after Hamvention.

We will have two HPSDR stations (hopefully talking to each other!) at the TAPR Dayton Hamvention booth this weekend. Both stations are mounted in Pandora prototypes, so stop by and take a look!

PANDORA Mark II ENCLOSURE CONCEPT (Revised -- 11 March 2009)

After we learned that Ben Hall had stepped aside from active work on the HPSDR "Pandora" enclosure, Phil Harman VK6APH, Scott Cowling WA2DFI, and John Ackermann N8UR sat down together at the ARRL/TAPR DCC in Chicago (September 2008) and roughed out a basic enclosure that we thought could be designed and gotten into production quickly. John [1] took the design lead.

Working with a major enclosure manufacturer, we're happy to report that the Pandora "Mark II" design is just about ready for production, and will be offered through TAPR.

Here are some details about the design, followed by some drawings to help you visualize it.

Dimensions are (approximately) 12.2 inches wide, 8.7 inches deep, and 5.3 inches high (footprint such that an SDR-1000 can sit on top of it)

Atlas mounts in the center rear with six covered slots for access to card I/O (like slots in a PC case)

"Hatch" in top cover to allow card access without disassembling the case

Room for LPU power supply

Room for Alex filter bank, and rear panel cutouts for Alex connectors

Numerous cooling vents, and provision for a fan

About 3 x 12 inches of unused space across the front for additional component mounting (perhaps an amplifier???)

Made of .062 aluminum for easy drilling; several spare holes already drilled for additional connections

Nicely painted

Here are some photos of the first unpainted prototype; not all accessory holes are drilled, and there will be a few metalwork corrections, but this shows how the enclosure works:

HPSDR 其它模块