Motorola UHF Power Amplifier Module SHW5XXX series.

Module SHW5XXX series

  • SHW5151 (700-900MHz 5W)
  • SHW5177 (850-1000MHz 5W) 
  • SHW9002 (750-950MHz 10W) 

Reference schematics and assembly drawing line below. The last link is RF Power Housing for this PCB.

You can use Motorola two-way radio schematics as a reference for you circuits. 

Motorola two-way radio schematics (Power Amplifier section in on page 8-5)

Power amplifier MPA-0709 (uses SHW5151) and MPA-0915/MPA-0925 (uses SHW5177), MPA-0850 (uses SHW-9002) link:

Reference Schematics Link:

Motorola SHW5151/SHW5177 5W Power Amp - Schematic Diagrams

Assembly Drawing Link:

SHW-5151 RF Amplifier Module link:

SHW-5177 RF Amplifier Module Link:

The PCB also good for other similar RF module, like SHW5171, SHW9002, etc.

SHW-9002 RF Amplifier Module Link:

MPA Series RF Power Housing for this PCB